August 17, 2023

Apps for Cosmetologist

Social Media and Cosmetology Apps | Beauty School

Technology has made many jobs easier, this would also include estheticians and cosmetologists. How can they make your job easier? Many reasons from; helping create your personal social media better, to knowing the hottest trends out there. Being in the beauty industry you have to stay on-trend. Here are some helpful apps to make your life a bit easier.


This app is fantastic for any salon. It helps allow automated bookings for clients and reminders. This will allow you to focus on the client at hand versus worrying about booking your appointments.


This cool app allows you to see different colors on your clients before dying their hair. You can see what works and what doesn’t. It will also allow your clients to see themselves with a variety of hair colors. It may not be 100% but it will give a good idea of expectations and expectations for your clients.

Hair Color Booth


Keeping up with styles and trends is a large component for anyone in the beauty industry. Make your life easier by using this all-in-one app that allows you to look up and shop the latest beauty trends from the best skincare products to the latest hair straighteners. Let technology do the hard work for you.


Keeping up with everything as a beauty professional can be tricky. Let SalonCentric, allow you to keep up with your to-do lists, ensuring you are up to date on licenses and certifications, plus everything in between. You won’t want to miss out on this app.

Saloncentric - cosmetology app


This is a design tool, that will allow you to create custom posts and templates for everything social media. They also have great items that will help you create in-store marketing from business cards to flyers.


You’ll need to keep track of the money you make and the expenses you’ve accrued. This is a one-stop app for all of your bookkeeping needs.


In the world of the internet, you need to ensure you post and use social media to promote your business. Don’t forget all the major players and don’t forget to post or add to your storylines. Show off your happy clients and share your success to attract more business. It is also important to keep up with other stylists, tips, tricks, and more which can all be found on social media.

To learn more about becoming an esthetician or cosmetologist please contact David Pressley today. We look forward to teaching you everything you need to know to learn about your license and pass your test.

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