October 20, 2023

7 Careers You Can Have As A Cosmetologist


If you’re a beauty enthusiast with a flair for creativity and don’t know which career path to take, consider cosmetology. You’ll not only be able to do something you’ll enjoy but also have access to a wide range of opportunities.

In this article, you’ll learn what cosmetology entails, the job outlook, and different career paths it offers.

What does a Cosmetologist Do?

A cosmetologist is a professional who specializes in enhancing their client’s beauty and appearance. Aside from styling hair and doing people’s makeup, you can also offer nail and skin care services.

Why Choose A Career in Cosmetology?

Beyond loving the idea of enhancing people’s beauty, a career in cosmetology is suitable for you if you love being around people. This is because your work will largely involve attending to clients within close proximity for hours at a time.

Furthermore, the rising demand for cosmetologists ensures you’ll have plenty of employment opportunities after finishing training. Whether you prefer being out on the field, starting a business, or blogging, you’ll have your pick of careers.

7 Career Paths You Can Follow in Cosmetology

In essence, cosmetology is an umbrella term for various careers. You’ll have the opportunity to explore diverse paths, allowing you to follow your passion.

1. Hair Stylist

As a hairstylist, your role will be cutting, coloring, and styling hair to suit your client’s desires. These may range from trendy hairstyles to classic cuts.

Some of the skills you’ll need to succeed in this role include:

  • Creativity
  • Precision
  • Excellent communication

In addition, you’ll also need to keep up with the latest trends in hair fashion to ensure you can meet evolving client needs.

2. Esthetician

Another role you may enjoy in cosmetology is becoming an esthetician. As an esthetician, you’ll help clients achieve and maintain healthy and radiant skin through various services. These include facials, waxing, and chemical peels.

Some of the skills you’ll need for this path include:

  • In-depth knowledge of skincare
  • A gentle touch

3. Makeup Artist

With a growing desire to look impeccable on big occasions, the demand for makeup artists is rising. You’ll be tasked with applying makeup on your clients to enhance their beauty.

In most cases, you’ll have to work on the go, assisting clients in various settings, including editorial, shoots, weddings, birthdays, etc.

You’ll need the following skills:

  • Creativity
  • An eye for detail
  • knowledge of makeup techniques and products
  • the ability to bring out a client’s natural beauty

4. Nail Technician

If you have an artistic side, becoming a nail technician is a great option. While your role primarily involves offering stylistic manicures and pedicures, it’s much more than that. You’ll also have to help clients maintain healthy nails.

As such, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Precision
  • Creativity in nail art
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of nail health and hygiene

5. Salon Owner

Once you’re a certified cosmetologist, you don’t have to look for a job. You can establish your own beauty parlor and create opportunities for others. If you have the necessary business acumen, this approach can significantly enhance your earnings.

Some of the skills you’ll need to run a beauty parlor include:

  • Leadership
  • Ability to provide exceptional customer service
  • Basic accounting and marketing skills
  • Understanding of the market

6. Beauty Educator

For those who love imparting knowledge, teaching cosmetology is another viable option. This path allows you to capitalize on the increasing demand for cosmetology courses.

In this role, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Extensive experience in cosmetology
  • Teaching abilities
  • Passion for mentoring future professionals.

7. Beauty Blogger / Influencer

In the digital age, a significant proportion of consumer activity begins online. Instead of working as a beautician, you can become a blogger or influencer. You can build an online following by sharing beauty tips, doing product reviews, and offering tutorials.

Once you become a recognizable brand, you can partner with beauty product providers and earn through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Some of the skills you’ll need to thrive in this role include:

  • Strong social media presence
  • Content creation skills
  • Genuine passion for beauty and skincare

Tips for Pursuing Your Cosmetology Career

While the market for cosmetologists can be big, you must be dedicated and committed to succeed. Furthermore, you’ll need a strategic approach to give you an edge.

  • Education is key: For you to meet the quality standards that will have clients seeking you out consistently, you’ll need the right training and exposure. So, choose a reputable cosmetology school that offers hands-on training to start your career.
  1. Stay Updated: The beauty industry is constantly evolving. Keep up with the latest trends, techniques, and products by attending workshops and staying connected with industry professionals.
  2. Build Your Portfolio: Document your work as you gain experience. A strong portfolio will showcase your skills to potential clients or employers.
  3. Network: Connect with fellow cosmetologists, beauty influencers, and professionals in the industry. Networking can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Benefits of Becoming A Cosmetologist

Along with numerous job opportunities, becoming a cosmetologist comes with the following benefits:

  • Creativity: Cosmetology allows you to express your creativity through hairstyling, makeup artistry, and more.
  • Flexibility: Many cosmetologists can set their schedules or work in various settings, from salons to freelance gigs.
  • Client Satisfaction: Helping clients look and feel their best can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Continuous Learning: The beauty industry is ever-changing, providing opportunities for ongoing skill development.

Launch Your Career on a High Note

As a career path, cosmetology has a positive outlook and offers diverse options, making it lucrative. However, it shouldn’t be just getting a job but also doing something you’ll enjoy. Therefore, before choosing a path, consider your passion and strengths. Doing so can ensure you’ll have a fulfilling career.

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