Your beauty routine should look different as the seasons change, as your body reacts to the changes in temperature and climate. As we’re nearing the end of this cold winter season, it’s important to make sure your skin and hair are ready for the next season. Chances are that your skin and hair are very dry and craving any kind of moisture, and you’re probably craving some warm sunshine. The biggest cold-weather beauty tip we can give you is to moisturize constantly, every time after you wash your hands, every time you get out of the shower, to prevent your skin from getting so dry and cracking.

Stay hydrated & watch what you eat

Much of your skin’s health comes from within, which involves what you eat and drink. If you’re not staying hydrated and drinking lots of water each day, your skin will appear dry and dull. If your diet also consists of foods high in sugar and not enough fruits and vegetables, you’ll notice how your skin loses its glow and can also cause acne flare-ups.

Don’t go outside right after your shower with wet hair

Not only do you put yourself at risk for getting a cold with wet hair in freezing cold temperatures, but it could also damage your hair and cause breakage. Taking a break from using heat on your hair can also protect it during the winter months and help it to become stronger and grow. A good way to prevent going outside with wet hair and using heat on your hair is to shower at night and let your hair air dry and relax overnight. Check out our article on tips for healthier hair.

Is static-y hair driving you nuts?

This happens more often when the air is very dry and can be very frustrating. A good way to keep your hair from being static-y and sticking to your sweater is by applying lotion to your hands, then run your hands through your hair. The moisture and a little bit of oil help to restore the properties in your hair to keep it from standing straight up or getting too frizzy.

Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night

This can significantly help keep your skin moisturized and supple during the winter months. This is a very easy way to combat that cold winter weather and the impacts it can have on your skin, especially your face. Having a humidifier in your bedroom at night can also be beneficial for your overall health during the cold months too.

Use coconut oil for your dry scalp

Keep your scalp from getting overly dry and peeling by applying coconut oil to your scalp once a week or once a month, depending on the severity. Let it soak in for 30-45 minutes and then wash it out in the shower. Coconut oil is very effective and super hydrating, so you can also use it on other dry areas of your body while your scalp is soaking the moisture in.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Your face needs extra moisturizing during the winter and colder months, just like your hands and your body need some extra lotion after your showers. The colder weather and winds tend to really dry out your skin, especially if there’s no moisturizer barrier protecting your skin. Make sure your skincare routine for the winter includes products that will hydrate your skin but won’t clog your pores. Keep hand or body lotion on you at all times and make sure you’re reapplying face lotion or something that’s hydrating for your face, like a mist. You can even use coconut oil on the areas of your body that are the driest for ultimate moisture like we mentioned above. Don’t forget to constantly apply your lip balm and always wear your sunscreen every day, even in the winter.

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