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1.Wash Your Hair Less

One way you can keep your hair healthy is by washing it less. While there is a happy medium to keeping your scalp and hair clean, most shampoos and conditioners actually strip your hair of essential oils causing your hair to be dry and flakey. Generally speaking, most cosmetologists recommend washing your hair once every 2-3 days. The natural oils that your scalp produces help keep your hair healthy. Washing strategies can differ based on the type and length of your hair.

2.Use Less Heat on Your Hair

Using less heat on your hair helps prevent it from breaking by not drying it out and frying it. To start, avoid using a blow dryer, and try letting your hair dry naturally before using heat tools on it. You can also try to use hair products like mousse or gel to style your hair without using heat. If you do need to use heat on your hair, use a heat protecting spray beforehand. These can help your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

3.Supplements For Healthy Hair

Each person and hair type will require different supplements, but adding certain ones can help give your hair the required nutrients that it may be lacking. Hair supplements can come in a variety of different forms from oral pills to topical hair creams. Even adding something as simple as collagen powder to your morning coffee, or gummy vitamins for hair, skin, and nails can improve the strength of your hair significantly. Your cosmetologist and dermatologist can help you choose which products may be right for you.

4.Frequent Haircuts From Your Cosmetologist

Visit your favorite cosmetologist at David Pressley School of Cosmetology for a regularly scheduled haircut. While frequent haircuts don’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, they do help keep your hair looking and feeling healthier by cutting off the dead ends. Trimming split ends regularly help the hair grow stronger by preventing it from splitting all the way up the hair shaft.

5.Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet

Right after the shower your hair follicles are very loose and soft. Brushing through them in this state can cause them to pull out or break off. Let your hair air dry and then comb through your hair. If you must brush your hair after the shower, use a soft tip, wide-toothed comb to gently brush through your hair.

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