With every new season, comes a change in temperatures, footwear, makeup and skincare, the way you dress, and of course, hairstyles and hair color.

Fall is the best time to release the summer sun-kissed hair look and bring in some darker tones and hues. The leaves are changing, the weather is changing, and now your look is changing too. Here are a few hair color ideas to help you upgrade your summer hair and embrace the changing season of fall.
Mulled Wine Hair color

Mulled Wine

It’s not quite brown, it’s not quite red, it’s not quite purple, but it’s a beautiful in-between shade. It involves adding red tones in your hair without overpowering the brown base layer. This mulled wine hair color is very trendy and is the perfect hair color inspiration on our minds. This is the perfect hair color to warm you up this fall.

Cold-Brew Dark Brown Hair


Fall is the time to take out the highlights from summer and replace it with more warm fall colors. Cold-brew hair is a trending color this fall because of the series of dimensional dark brunette colors with warm highlights and softer colors throughout. This look gives brunettes a way to spice up their hair color without straying too far away from its natural look. The beautiful rich brown base layer with warm tones is perfect for those colder months coming up.

Inky Black

Inky Black

Want to make an impression? Try a beautiful mane of inky black hair. Inky black hair is a bold statement color that’s perfect for these colder months. It typically is rich and deep with a hint of blue and is made to shine when you style it. This look is low-maintenance and chic for darker and neutral skin tones. Add this to your fall and winter hair inspiration!

Balayage Blonde/Brown Hair

Balayage Blonde/Brown

If you’re not quite ready to give up your blonde locks, balayage is a great way to keep the blonde without choosing one color for your whole head of hair. Balayage has been a big trend in the last 5 years and isn’t going anywhere. This technique can be used on any hair color and is intended to show a soft and subtle transition of hair color from the root to the ends of your hair. Balayage is great hair inspiration for the fall months.

Bright Blonde

Bright Blonde

Don’t worry, blonde is here to stay. One of the newest trends is bright blonde. This hair color works best on fair skin tones and medium skin tones. Blonde is a hair color that will never go out of style. Adding in some darker colors and dimensions can help change up the look this season without getting rid of the beautiful blonde base that you have.

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