It’s almost summer and time to think about what makeup trends will follow us. This year we are seeing the uptick in makeup with masks slowly going away and people starting to come out of hibernation. Take a look at a few of these upcoming makeup trends for this summer, they’ll be sure to make a splash.

Pops of Orange

It’s time to show off a little bit with fun pops of orange. It’ll be fun to add these accents to any outfit. It can be a little eye liner or eye shadow. It’ll be a great way to show off this summer.

Pops of Orange - Eye Makeup


Whether it's your shoes or a belt, it’s time to add this to your face makeup. Make your cheeks extra shimmery or add in a dash to your lip color. Add some cute shine to your normal makeup routine. It’ll be a sure hit when you are going out to those summer bars. Some of the favorite metallics to keep an eye on are gold and bronze.

Metallic Makeup


Old is becoming new again and that includes that added glitter. Try a small splash on your eyes and watch it sparkle in the sun.

Glitter Eye Shadow

Glossy Lips

Get a cute new lip gloss to add a finishing touch to your makeup. It’ll be cute and different textures in your makeup look is the big takeaway for this summer.

Glossy Lips

Tight Eyeliner

Make your eyes bold with a nice tight black eyeliner. Don’t forget to make it waterproof to beat the sweat and pool water.

Tight Eyeliner

Summery Pastel Eyeshadow

Find some cute colors from lavenders, light pinks, and pale blues to add some color to your eyes. If you want to get a jump start these would be great colors to also add to your spring routine.

summery pastel eyeshadow

The Natural Look

The natural or no-makeup look is always classic and favorite. It’s the perfect look for after the beach or to look like you just rolled out of bed. If you wonder about the best products for this look check out this article.

natural looking makeup

Dew All Day - the Dewy Look

Love the pretty summery look of looking just a tad dewy? Embrace that glistening skin look.

Dewy face

Bright/Heavy Blush

Make those cheeks really pop with some added color. You’ll love this bright pop of color for this summer. Keep those rosy cheeks to look like you just walked out of the sun.

Bright Blush

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