Trying to decide what the next shade your hair color should be? Realizing you need a change? David Pressley Beauty School has put together a list of commonly asked questions and things to think about before changing your hair color. You’ll be glad you thought about these before taking the plunge.

Is bleaching your hair required to dye your hair?

This is hard because it depends on how dark your hair is and the shade you want to dye your hair. If you are looking at the beautiful pastels or going from a dark shade to light or brighter, then yes you will most likely need to bleach your hair.

If you are a natural blonde most shades are darker than yours so you most likely will get away with not having to bleach it because you are going darker vs lighter.

Will coloring my hair damage it?

If you are using permanent color you will most likely damage it. If you use those fun shampoo colors then no you probably won’t. If you seek a professional which you most likely should then you will cause the least amount of damage to your hair and in most cases, they will choose treatments to ensure coloring your hair won’t damage it.

How often should I shampoo my hair after getting it colored?

When you get your hair colored you should wait a minimum of 24 hours. If you can wait 48 hours plus before you need to wash it, that's even better. This allows your hair to set for longer amounts of time and keeps your hair color looking bright and fresh. When you dye your hair you want to keep the color as vibrant as possible, in order to do this you should at most wash your hair 3 days a week. Shampooing your hair too much can actually cause damage to your hair and dry it out.

Can I color my own hair at home?

If this is your first time ever dying your hair. I would not dye your own hair. You can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Hiring a professional with training will help ensure that the right color is created for you but also it ensures that the least amount of damage happens to your hair if any at all.

How important is a skin test?

A skin test is very important because you can get allergic reactions at any time. Test a small part of your skin to ensure you won’t react can.

Will this cover my grey hair?

If you go darker or bleach your hair, the dying will cover your grey hair. To ensure a color will cover your greys, touch base with a cosmetologist, they’ll let you know what will work best for your greys. Sometimes if there’s more white they’ll need to make adjustments.

To learn this and more about hair dying, APPLY TO OUR COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL TODAY, we are happy to answer these questions and more throughout our programs.

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