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David Pressley School of Cosmetology continuously provides an excellent education. We ensure you are prepared for the boards for Michigan. We pride ourselves on every student who takes the exam passes through our beauty school programs.

Please select from one of our programs to get ahead in your beauty career. We also have opportunities to recieve finacial aid and discounts. To learn more bout the beauty industry and the benefits of training with us please contact us today. Don't wait on your future career.

David Pressley Beauty School

Why Choose David Pressley as Your Beauty School

  • David Pressley has been an excellent school of cosmetology for me. The staff have been very friendly and caring when it came down to my education. The instructors pushed me to be the best that I can be. We went to a show in Chicago where we got to explore and experience first hand how the industry works! What better way to learn!! What I enjoyed most about this school is the diverse cultures. I would recommend this school to anyone intrested in fulfilling a cosmetology career in the future!

    - Oumy Ndiaye
  • I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue a career in esthetics or cosmetology! The teachers are amazing & everything is hands on! Ms Brie is the BEST instructor ever, she is very informative.

    - Cortney Robin
  • David Pressley is an amazing school. From the diverse instructors, to it’s awesome curriculum, this is the school to perfect your craft as a stylist. The instructors are very knowledgeable on the field, very hands on, and shows much appreciated compassion for their students. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional. I love attending this beauty school because it has opened my horizon to styling hair of different ethnicities and hair textures. The diversity is just what I need to become the professional beauty mogule that I aspire to be! That’s exactly what they do here, inspire you to be the best stylist you want to be! I’m proud to be a student that’s apart of this amazing professional family at DP! Want to kick off your career as a cosmetologist? David Pressley school of beauty is one of the best hands down!!!

    - Dalana Thurman
  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality

    Excellent! My hair and the service I received was fabulous!

    - Sherri Lockett
  • Absolutely love this place! They do an awesome razor hair cut. Their facials are wonderful. They do waxing on sensitive skin, too!

    - Nina Mallia
  • Amazing school, teachers go out of their way to show students the proper and cleanest way to aesthetics!

    - Jenelle Hess
  • I attend the David Pressley School of Cosmetology and it’s very well the students are well taught and well organized as well as a beautiful graduation rate.

    - Egypt Jackson
  • This is a great place for wonderful service at a great price. I have never had a bad experience here.

    The staff & students are pleasant and knowledgeable.

    Love the new updated interior design.

    - JP
  • David Pressley is amazing!! The students here are well trained and smart!

    - Hannah A.
  • Love their esthetics program! They also offer a ton of cosmetic services to the public at great prices.

    - Mirissa
  • Love this school! Wouldn’t pick any other!

    - Carmen Sandiago
  • The staff is always friendly and polite. Tanya and Jessica are always there to help. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

    - Chris Hoffman
  • Best 13 months I’ve ever spent doing what I love ❤️

    - Micah S.
  • This school is a great school & The instructors are great!!

    - Dametria Mobley
  • I go to this school I really like it I love what I have learned so far this school is really great

    - Daejour Thomas
  • David pressley is the best school ever!!

    - Destiny Stewart
  • David pressley is a wonderful environment to go to school! Students are friendly as well as the staff!

    - Talayia Gordon
  • Great Place to learn the craft of cosmetology.

    - Emperor RJ Thomas
  • Great school! Friendly staff.

    - Nur Lani
  • The students are wonderful and the instructors are the best in the business.

    - Kendra Potts
  • I have the BEST EXPERIENCE possible!

    - Katherine Senawi
  • I have the BEST EXPERIENCE possible!

    - Katherine Senawi

    - Morgan Smith
  • This school is amazing!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    - Lela Dixon
  • Excellent!!!!! Tori, Aaliyah and Jackie did my hair. Yes all 3. I have a lot of hair and its very long. 6-7 bowls of dye and 6 1/2 hours later my hair has Never looked better. I'll be honest I was a little nervous at first but by the time we were almost done I was soooo happy. The Teacher's really know what their doing. Thanks to the whole team that helped w my hair.

    - Jessica Maddix
  • Absolutely the best cosmetology school around in Michigan. A few of my daughter's friends are going to school there, and always do a great job trimming my daughter's hair. (My daughter is mixed black/white) So she has super tight curls; not to mention it is thick hair and long. And the price is not bad either. Can't wait to see how others do there.

    - Dana Lockett
  • I have been in school here for about a week and a half! It's the best decision I ever made. If you love anything to do with beauty! You should attend too! Even before becoming a student, I have always gotten my hair done here. I love everything about this school and I am excited to see what is yet to come.

    - Hayley Toth
  • Start your career in the right direction! A positive and creative future awaits you at David Pressley. An amazing education, qualified staff, and a fun environment are just a few things that make this school stand out.

    - Brittany Jones
  • This is a great opportunity! The first day I fell in love because the teachers are so helpful and fun! Mrs Michelle is by far my favorite and makes me look forward to learning each week! Definitely recommended if you are looking to become a cosmetologist!

    - Addison Dishon
  • I love going to school here! it’s so fun & exciting! I can only learn hands on & this school is perfect for me! Michelle & Alex are the perfect instructors!

    - Lauren Sharp
  • Im attending school here and i love it! its such a fun, welcoming environment and i look forward to coming here! the ladies in the clinic do amazing hair and offer many great services!!

    - Rachel Pastoria
  • I love this school! Really talented students! Instructors are helpful & very knowledgeable. Also, they are open 9 am -10 pm.

    - Sanea Sutherlin
  • A very clean and professional environment! Everyone is so nice, and helpful! Highly recommended coming here! The results are always amazing!

    - Miranda Brown
  • I attended David Pressley for my cosmetology license and my instructors license. I currently teach here and I love this school! The staff and students are so amazing and talented!

    - Alexandra Burris
  • David Pressley opened up a lot of opportunities for me and taught me a ton! The teachers are great and everybody helps each other, I am so grateful to have been able to come to this school, I would recommend this for learning cosmetology to any beginners!

    - Cassie
  • David Pressley opened up a lot of opportunities for me and taught me a ton! The teachers are great and everybody helps each other, I am so grateful to have been able to come to this school, I would recommend this for learning cosmetology to any beginners!

    - Cassie
  • Excellent, I'm a senior who never has had bad service.

    The management team is very professional in Taylor.

    Clean. Nice environment.

    - Pauline Garcia
  • It’s an amazing school to attend! About to graduate! I feel so prepared for the real world!

    - Allexis Trevino
  • Such an amazing school! Great teachers and great students.! I recommend coming here!

    - Heather Maxson
  • Best school to go to get your hair done! Teachers are definitely helpful and a pleasure to be around! Go to school there!!

    - Whitney Clark
  • Great service and prices!

    - K Walid
  • Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

    - Taylor Hughes
  • Students were great and teacher Kristine was awesome.

    - Paul
  • Great service! Everyone was friendly and professional! I never felt uncomfortable. My stylist is Destiny and she did a fantastic job with my hair! I plan to become a regular patron.

    - Ms. Henderson
  • Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
    - Anonymous