Esthetician services are a variety of beauty offerings and having a school that can provide them and teach them is important. It is from waxing unwanted hair to rejuvenating your face. Estheticians provide a handful of services to their clients. Being able to provide them all only makes you a stronger esthetician, many will eventually customize their offerings.

Some of the services taught and that are provided (with brief descriptions) are below. These services are provided and taught at David Pressley Beauty School. For any and all questions please reach out to us or review our frequently asked questions page.

esthetician services

Acne Clearing Facial

This facial specifically gets deep within your pores to remove all the deep dirt and excess skin, it is much easier to do when you arrive without makeup. It will include a blemish extraction removing those pesky blackheads and milia. Your face will feel soft and smooth and just wait in a few weeks your face will feel continuously better.

Calming Facial

Calming facials will help provide relief to your sensitive skin and allow your face to “calm”. See why it is important for an esthetician to learn and understand a calming facial. Many would even say this is more important and relaxing than a massage.

Body Treatment Chinese Herbology Body Polishing Wrap

One of the favorite body wraps offered is a full-body wrap that allows your skin to relax and allows it to be smooth from your neck to toes. Chinese herbs and medicine are used to revitalize your skin.

Body Treatment - Citrus Fruit Oil Wrap

Citrus Fruit Oil Wraps is a common one requested for full-body wraps. This one includes citrus fruit massage oil to allow your body to destress and promotes deep relaxation while allowing your skin to become silky soft.

Chemical Peel - Powerful Surface Peel

A chemical peel improves the appearance of your skin by inducing the outer layer of the skin to peel. It can help reduce aging lines and allows your skin to brighten with fewer wrinkles. The finished process results in skin with a much healthier appearance.

Micro Treatment - Chinese Herbology Foot Renewal

If your feet are continuously cracked or rough, this treatment will soothe and smoothen out your skin and heels. If you don’t have time for a full-body wrap this is a great micro treatment to try and to understand in your repertoire as an esthetician

Lash Tinting

Allow your eyelashes to look fuller and darker the moment you wake up with lash tinting. This will darken your lashes.

Brow Waxing

Brows are important and a show stopper. A common wax request is for your eyebrows to be trimmed, waxed, and shaped to your desired arch and look. You can go based on face shape, your current natural brows or what is currently popular. You won’t regret brow waxing.

Eye Tabbing

Eyelash tabbing is when a cluster of eyelash extensions are added versus individual extensions being added. They traditionally take less time to have updated and are great for a girls' getaway weekend or your wedding. It’s the perfect addition to your makeup look.

Makeup Application

Makeup application for an esthetician is a huge array of items including getting a full face of makeup completed for your wedding or a special occasion. You can do tons of looks depending on what you are hoping to do and where you are going. Invest some time into different makeup looks or let your esthetician/makeup artist what your goal is for the day/evening.

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