Being vegan doesn’t just apply to food it also applies to everything you use including face products. We’ve created a list of great face products from lotions to serums that work and are vegan for those looking to change or looking at more products that are also vegan. You don’t need to be vegan to use these great face products.

We put together some great products to keep your skin perfect while helping out the environment. You won’t know why you waited so long to try them out.


Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

Keep your skin moisturized with this cream. It’ll keep your skin soft and glowing all day long do to the use of this buckwheat honey. It renews the skin’s appearance for a dewy, healthy-looking glow.


PLANT Apothecary

Start Happy Botanical Aromatherapy Body Wash

This will keep your skin squeaky clean. Use this great vegan body wash to keep your skin smelling great coming from lavender and peppermint essential oils.


The Ordinary

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum

This is a high-strength vitamin-and-mineral blemish formula that will help keep all different skin types looking great. It is affordable and cruelty-free and will help give you that natural glow. Thankfully all their products feel light on your skin.

the ordinary | face serum


Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++

This sunscreen is invisible, weightless, and scentless while ensuring your makeup stays on your face. Sometimes you want products to be able to do more than one thing and this one is great for it.

unseen sunscreen


Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream

Another great moisturizer that helps tighten skin and decrease wrinkles while being cruelty-free.



Day Dissolved Cleansing Balm

Instead of removing all the oils from your face when removing makeup, upgrade to this cleansing balm that not only removes your makeup but replenishes your skin with vitamin e. It’s time to upgrade your skin routine.


Youth to the People

Superfood Cleanser

This is such a great face cleanser to keep your skin clean and refreshing in between your normal facials.

facial cleanser


Vegan Collagen Hydrating Milk Tonic and Overnight Recovery Cream

Pacifica’s recovery cream is alcohol-free and contains chamomile, orange flower, and jasmine, which replenishes the appearance of your skin in a quick overnight cream. It will ensure every night looks like you got much-needed beauty sleep without guaranteed sleep.

pacifica | vegan face cream


Milky Jelly Cleanser

This is a very gentle cleanser, great for those who have sensitive skin or really any type of skin. It is soothing, purifying, and nourishing to your skin. It’s a great mild cleanser to make your skin feel soft and clean.



Ultra Hydrating Plant Ceramide Daily Facial Lotion

Get intense moisture for your extra dry skin with Acure facial lotion. It is dermatologist tested and will improve the moisture on your skin.


Alba Botanica

Acnedote Maximum Strength Face & Body Scrub

Sometimes skincare products can really break the bank, but it is something you should spend the money on. Thankfully this is a great face and body scrub that is vegan and won’t break the bank. It helps treat and prevent acne and breakouts, while also being oil-free.

alba botanica

Sun Bum

Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion

One of my favorite sunscreens, this is great for sensitive skin while protecting you against those damaging sun rays. You shouldn’t have to worry about your skin on the perfect sunny day.

sun bum | sun screen

Dr. Bronner's

Pure Castile Soap - Peppermint

Trying to decide on perfect skin solutions? Dr. Bronner’s is a great product to use for a variety of things. It is an 18 in one product. If you are like me you sometimes don’t want 20 skin products here’s one you can use from your skin, to your hair, to house products. It is gentle and you won’t regret using it.

dr. Bronners | castille soap

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do, but don’t forget your great skincare regimen at home also needs regular facials to keep your skin beautiful and flawless. Check out our services or register for esthetician classes today to learn more about skin as a career path.

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