August 17, 2023

What Vitamins Are Great For Your Hair?

Vitamins Best For Hair | Woman Taking Vitamin


Vitamin D helps produce new hair follicles and growth which is perfect for women going through postpartum hair loss or just psychological stressors. A Vitamin D deficiency may result in hair loss so taking a Vitamin D supplement can be crucial to prevent hair loss. The alternative to a supplement would be to spend time out in the sun and eat Vitamin D rich foods like: salmon, tuna and foods that are fortified with Vitamin D. Common foods like orange juice, cereals and oatmeal are sometimes fortified.


Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants that help promote hair growth through increasing circulation to the scalp. Vitamin E can be applied topically to your hair through shampoo, conditioner, masks and oil. It’s rare that someone would experience a Vitamin E deficiency but vitamins are available to help increase intake. Vitamin E is also known to be helpful for damaged hair from too much heat exposure reducing frizz and dryness.


An iron deficiency can cause hair loss and slowdown hair growth. If you notice that your hair stops growing past a certain point, you may be experiencing an iron deficiency. Iron helps increase blood circulation and oxygen to your hair’s roots helping it grow faster and longer. Good sources of iron besides supplements include: beans, chicken, spinach, oysters, clams and lentils. Signs of an iron deficiency include: fatigue, weakness, chest pain, pale skin and cold hands/feet.

OMEGA 3 & 6

Omega 3 & 6 supplements can help hair growth, thickness and help to stop hair loss altogether. As an added bonus, Omega 3 & 6 can help your skin appear younger and more moisturized. Natural sources of the Omegas include: fish oil, cod oil, avocado, olive oil, tofu, seeds and walnuts. Signs that you are defecient in Omega 3 & 6 include fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, poor circulation and mood swings.


Zinc is best known to help hair follicles thicken and supports hair growth. Zinc is also known to help increase your immune system which is also great for hair. The best source of zinc is oysters but it is also in foods like beef, poultry and fish. Other sources include: dairy, lentils, breakfast cereals and whole grains. Signs of a zinc deficiency include: hair loss, brittle nails, eye problems, loss of appetite and feeling irritable.

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