August 17, 2023

Keeping Salon Customers Happy: Real Tips

Keeping Salon Customers Happy: Real Tips


Hair appointments can already take a person a good amount of time out of their day or weekend, depending on the occasion, so being on time is important to showing you value your customer. If you think you are going to start late or end later than usual, let them know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly or make arrangements. It’s especially important to be punctual when serving guests who have special occasions to make (like weddings, proms), children/pets at home with needs or if they need transportation to and from the salon. Regardless of the reason or person, no one likes to have to wait around.

“As a new Mom, I have to have childcare when I come in to get my hair done since I can’t bring my infant daughter into a hair salon with me. Sometimes that includes paying for a babysitter when no family is available making it important that the appointment is quick since it adds up.”

– Anonymous

Keeping Salon Customers Happy: Real Tips


Every person has a horror story of a hairstylist or cosmetologist not listening to them and doing what they don’t want. Don’t do this. Not listening to a clients wants for their hair is one of the main reasons clients “break up” with their hairstylists or leave bad reviews online. Listening to the wants and needs of your customers is key to building a good rapport and spreading your name.


When in doubt, pull up a few pictures on Google to make sure you are envisioning what your guests want from you. Showing a picture of “shoulder length hair” or the exact shade or tone of the color they want can go along way to avoid miscommunication. You could even ask your guests to bring in an idea of what they are envisioning or create a Pinterest board of ideas.


It’s not uncommon to offer “touch-ups” to hair if a client needs a quick trim in between larger haircuts. Offering these services and more as complimentary, will make your clients feel valued and allow you to compete with salons already offering these services.

“My hairstylist noticed my hair was really dry the first time I visited her salon after the end of summer and threw in a free conditioning treatment to help mend the damage. I love that my hairstylist always puts my needs first to ensure my hair looks good and healthy.”

– Jane Londeree, Charlotte NC


Make your guests feel welcome and relaxed by offering complimentary drinks. Be sure to include options that are alcohol and caffeine-free to be inclusive. For an economical option and one that you customize, think about keeping infused water for guests. This light and healthy option is great for guests of all ages and can be made allergy-friendly.


Everyone craves a salon experience that is personal and most people enjoy talking about themselves when being asked. Asking what they’ve been up to since the last time you saw them or how their families and pets are doing can go a long way in creating a connection and trustworthy relationship. If you are friends or connected through social media, you can use that outlet as a way to initiate conversation ideas before they visit.

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