Makeup artists use cosmetic products and various techniques to help people enhance or alter their client's appearances. Products commonly used by makeup artists typically include eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, mascara, and foundation. Makeup artists can find employment in salons, department stores, entertainment industries, and more. The use of makeup is usually to bring out a person's beauty or appearance, so makeup artists are responsible for making each client look and feel their best.

Makeup artists have many different essential roles and responsibilities across many different industries. Makeup artists are responsible for preparing people for photo shoots, consulting with clients, teaching clients how to apply their makeup, emphasizing facial features through the application of cosmetics, applying cosmetic products on actresses and actors for film and theater, and more. Makeup artists use creative and analytical skills to learn what products will work best for individuals.

The beauty industry is one in which you can be creative and express yourself by making someone else feel beautiful and providing them with the look they want to show the world. David Pressley School of Cosmetology has been proudly helping students take the steps in their education to launch a career as a makeup artist for over 60 years years. Read below for 5 reasons becoming a makeup artist could be the perfect career for you.

  1. Strong Demand
  2. It is smart to choose a profession that has huge demand. Makeup artists are undoubtedly very much in demand right now. At every party, film production, live show, wedding, photoshoot, fashion show and more there is a need for a talented makeup artist. Becoming a makeup artist will enable you to traverse many different industries while you learn your craft.

  3. Make People Feel Good About Themselves
  4. As a makeup artist, you have the power to make others feel great about their appearance. Once your clients see themselves in the mirror after you put your skills to work, the smile on their face is priceless. Being a makeup artist allows you to impact another person's life positively and allows them to project the version of themselves they want the world to see.

  5. Opportunity to Build a Strong Network
  6. You will constantly be meeting new interesting people while employed as a makeup artist. You may meet models, actors and actresses, theatrical performers, and more. Your opportunity to develop your network expands as you become more experienced and build your reputation. Not many industries allow you to expand your network and social circle as much as this one while embracing your creativity and doing something you love.

  7. High Income Potential
  8. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean estimated salary for makeup artists, theatrical and performance is $124,380. This is 120% higher than the average US salary of $56,310. Like any industry, salary depends on the level of skill and years of experience in the field. Some of the highest paying industries for makeup artists include theater, film, celebrity makeup help, and freelance.

  9. Work in a Creative Field Dynamic Field
  10. Being a makeup artist can be extremely fulfilling and fun if you enjoy using your creativity. In this profession, you get to use the skills you develop and your own personal style to transform other people's image. By combining your makeup skills and the experience you develop through your education and on the job learning, you employ all your creativity in a way that makes others happier. No two projects are alike, and every client is different, guaranteeing you will never get bored or run out of new skills to learn in this challenging and rewarding career field.

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