makeup trends for summer Summer Makeup Trends

It’s almost summer and time to think about what makeup trends will follow us. This year we are seeing the uptick in makeup with masks slowly going away and people starting to come out of hibernation. Take a look at a few of these upcoming makeup trends for this summer, they’ll be sure to make a splash.

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skincare | esthetics Top 14 Summer Skincare Products

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to take care of that skin from nature’s elements. Remember when you are out in the sun or outside more, you need to take time to keep your skin healthy. We’ve compiled a list of skincare products you must try this summer.

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very peri hair color | beauty programs Very Peri’s influence on Spring 2022 Beauty Trends

Purple is often a color associated with the Spring and new beginnings but with Pantone choosing a unique shade of purple (named Very Peri) for the color of the year we might see more purple this Spring than ever. Continue reading this article to see how this color will influence beauty and fashion this spring in the cosmetology world.

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expensive blonde hair style | beauty blog Top 2 Hair Trends 2022

Two beautiful hair trends for this spring and summer are coming up. They’ll be sure to be stunners and you will get second looks with these powerful colors.

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Blonde Hair | Beauty Tips to Go Back To Your Natural Color

Are you tired of dying your hair? Is it time to just take a break? Sometimes you just need a break from dying your hair. It can be incredibly simple or incredibly complicated. Review some of David Pressley School of Cosmetology’s tips for growing out your dyed hair.

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makeup pallet | beauty products | esthetician school Top Products for The Natural Makeup Look

Are you tired of rolling out of bed unsure of what to do with your look? Are you trying to slim down what makeup you wear every day? Since covid, more people are looking for a simpler cleaner look that’s easy to put on and just helps your face look refreshed. To help with the simplified look take a look at a handful of beauty products that will get you that natural makeup look.

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hair colorist | cosmetology Spring Color Trends

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to update your winter hair. Take a look at some of the hair color trends that will be musts to get this season. We can’t wait to see which ones you choose and if you have trouble deciding, always contact a colorist.

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Skin Care Vegan | Facials | Esthetics 13 Vegan Skincare Products

Being vegan doesn’t just apply to food it also applies to everything you use including face products. We’ve created a list of great face products from lotions to serums that work and are vegan for those looking to change or looking at more products that are also vegan. You don’t need to be vegan to use these great face products.

We put together some great products to keep your skin perfect while helping out the environment. You won’t know why you waited so long to try them out.

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Facials | Esthetician School Top Esthetician Services

Esthetician services are a variety of beauty offerings and having a school that can provide them and teach them is important. It is from waxing unwanted hair to rejuvenating your face. Estheticians provide a handful of services to their clients. Being able to provide them all only makes you a stronger esthetician, many will eventually customize their offerings.

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