Are you tired of dying your hair? Is it time to just take a break? Sometimes you just need a break from dying your hair. It can be incredibly simple or incredibly complicated. Review some of David Pressley School of Cosmetology’s tips for growing out your dyed hair.

Depending on the shade you dyed your hair and your natural hair color it can be super easy or more time-consuming. Sometimes your hair also needs time to heal from all the chemicals that were put into it.

The first step is finding out your natural hair color. Your hair color can change over time so don’t just assume you know it. Let your hair grow out an inch or so. Are you darker or lighter than your current hair color? If you aren’t sure, seek a colorist to help determine it. Once you’ve determined your hair color you can go about this in a variety of ways.

Dying Your Blonde Hair Back to Brown

Let's start with - your roots are darker than your hair color. Your hair is naturally brown and you have light blonde hair currently. The simple option is to of course let your hair grow out and do nothing. This can be tedious to just wait, but some other options can include matching your natural hair color and dying your hair to match.

You can also let it grow more and get more of an ombre which will be very easy to grow out and simpler. Don’t forget to get regular cuts, this will allow you to keep your ends staying nice and fresh. When it comes to matching hair colors seek the advice of a colorist.

brunette - natural hair color

Dying Your Dark Hair Back to Blonde

The harder version is you have blonder natural hair and you dyed it dark brown. The reason it is harder is to match your natural color you'll most likely need to strip or bleach the brownout of your hair. To get started in this process you would figure out what your natural blonde is or your natural hair color. From there you'd need to bleach the brownout / darker color and then slowly dye the color back in. To match it perfectly it could take up to 4 times to dye your hair because you removed the color.

If you would prefer to not go this route the easiest is to just let your hair grow naturally out and slowly trim out the dyed hair color. If you don't have the patience to just let it grow out because I am also that person, an in-between option is to let it grow out some and then do an ombre or balayage fade. You can also slowly add some highlights in, to even out the hair color to get it to your natural roots. To have a more natural transition don’t just dye or bleach your hair, ensure you talk to a colorist when things involve bleach or color removal it can go sideways fast.

natural blonde | natural light hair

Growing Out Highlights

If you don’t want to wait and grow out your highlights there is another option to slowly add in lowlights every 6 to 8 weeks until it matches your current color. This will slowly transition your hair back to its natural color. You can also dye your highlights to match your natural hair or fill/repigment your highlights.


If you have questions or would love to learn about the process please reach out to David Pressley School of Cosmetology to learn more about the process and help you become more successful in dying your hair back to its natural beautiful locks.

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