beautiful makeup application isn’t as easy as it looks... We’ve recruited one of our talented David Pressley students Dolorian (@looksnylynne on Instagram) to show us how to create a beautiful look in a few easy steps! If you still find yourself struggling please feel free to come in and have one of our amazingly creative students custom-create a look just for you and walk you through each step! Remember, practice makes perfect so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a pro right away. :)

Step 1: With a fluffy brush apply a color slightly deeper than your skin tone into the crease - this ensures smooth blending for the other shades you will use.

Step 2: Using a matte navy blue shade sweep this to the outer corner of your upper lid with a stiffer fluffy brush - blend into crease with leftover product on the brush. With a clean fluffy brush blend out any harsh lines with a circular movement.
Step 3: Apply a concealer with a small concealer brush as a base for the metallic shadow (this step will make the color pop), try not to extend past the crease or to the outer eye.
Step 4: Pat an icy blue metallic shadow on top of the concealer with a flat stiff brush or your fingertips for better color payoff.
Step 5: Final look! Dolorian swept the same matte navy blue along her lower lash line and added a wing to create a bolder look. Finish with your favorite mascara or false lash. She recommends pairing this look with a nude lip, enjoy!
If you are interested in becoming a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist give our admissions team a call or email and we would love to schedule a tour!

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