Trynae - Cosmetology StudentTrynae is a cosmetology student at David Pressley School of Comsetology and is only a few days away from completing her hours and graduating!

What do you wish people knew about cosmetology?

“The courses are not as minute as most think. There are many components that go into learning the proper procedures of cosmetology. We are literally hair doctors!”

What made you choose cosmetology?

“In short, cosmetology has always been a part of my family. Four generations of licensed stylists, beginning with my great-grandmother, who graduated from Madame CJ Walker School of Cosmetology in Austin, TX. She has been licensed for almost 70 years.

What would you tell someone who thinks they cannot achieve a career in cosmetology?

“If there is passion, there is promise. Application and dedication to your goal is the key.”

In your opinion, what is the most difficult thing about cosmetology?

“Patience with different processes and procedures, when you’re looking for a specific outcome.”

In your opinion, what is the best part of cosmetology?

"Seeing the client’s confidence level rise, and watching their face light up when they see their final look”

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