When we first met Tricia, she was very excited to join the DP student body in the esthetics class. Quickly we learned that she is a loving Wife of 14 years and Mom to 5 children but that she doesn’t stop there! One of the very first things that we know sets Tricia apart is her ability to lift up others. While we were speaking, she mentioned numerous times that she feels the most fulfilled when her friends, family, and classmates are sharing their success stories. Specifically, she loves when others around her find their passion and pursue it with purpose. Tricia shared that part of the reason that she loves her class so much, is because she can watch each and every one of them develop themselves and their plans for their lives after school is done. She also approaches her home life with the same attitude. As a supportive Mom, she shared stories of baking adventures and instilling self-confidence in her children. Her encouragement for them includes the motto “Just go for it!” so that they know they can continue to chase their dreams even when others may say it’s silly or impossible.

Tricia Jamerson | Cosmetology School Student

In addition to Tricia’s fantastic outlook on life and her ability to celebrate the achievements of those around her, she has accomplishments in her personal life as well. To start, she is an author and business consultant and she also has her MBA concentrating on project management and does public speaking, which is where her super positive and uplifting energy come in handy. She also shared that she loves to read books of all varieties and described herself as “… this tomboy, geek, nerd, love all the books…” type of person.

With all these things going on in her life, we couldn’t help but ask “why did you choose beauty school?” Her response was fast and factual when she said that she is going to open her own spa. Even from a young age, Tricia shared that she had made drawings and plans and created ideas for a spa but, some people surrounding her were discouraging. What ended up happening is that she pursued the business end of her dream first and is now working on the beauty part. In her words, “this is the last piece to the puzzle”.

To be the June Student of the Month means a lot to Tricia. As a self-proclaimed ‘self-care ambassador’, she understands first hand that it is hard to take care of yourself while you are taking care of everyone else at the same time. While we were speaking she reflected on a time her in her life where everyone around her needed something from her and because she wasn’t caring for herself, she felt that she didn’t have anything to give them. Part of why she is pursuing this career and this dream is because she gets to help people care for themselves physically and mentally. Her favorite part of studying esthetics is being able to provide a positive experience for her clients. She says that being awarded Student of the Month is an honor, and that it makes her proud to know that her peers and her instructors can see her hard work and great attitude come through in her work and her studies. We look forward to watching Tricia continue to achieve her dreams and can’t wait to attend the grand opening of her spa!

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