Moisturizers | Cosmetology School Moisturizers for Winter

It’s that time of year where you lose your summer glow and your skin starts to dry out. David Pressley School of Cosmetology has a few tips on keeping your skin fresh and moisturized during those dry winter months.

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Esthetician Care | Esthetician School Near Me Take Care of your Skin with David Pressley

Learn to become an esthetician at the David Pressley School of Cosmetology. Please contact us today to schedule your tour.

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Winter Beauty Tips | Cold Weather Beauty Tips | Cosmetology School | Beauty School Winter and Cold Weather Beauty Tips

Your beauty routine should look different as the seasons change because your body reacts to the changes in temperature and climate. Here are some winter beauty tips.

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Reviewing skincare routine | Perfect your skincare routine | Tips for skincare How to Perfect your Skincare Routine

How do you apply skin care products to get the best possible results? This guide will walk you through every step in the skin care process.

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Makeup Tips | Tips for having flawless makeup | Skin care and make up tips Top Make Up Products

Are you new to the world of makeup? If you feel like a newbie, we are here to help you start the exciting journey of makeup. Most of the time women learn makeup through their parent or another female figure. Often, women that have started later in life are more embarrassed or confused with so many items available for purchase. Here are some quick tips to getting started:

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